Principals Message


At Pearcedale Primary School we are committed to providing high quality education.

We have a strong belief that:

  • Children need a safe and happy environment
  • Children should feel welcomed, encouraged, respected and included
  • Each child is unique and has special needs, abilities and preferred ways of learning
  • When children experience success, they learn more effectively

As a school, we value a positive relationship with the community and encourage participation.

To achieve this we believe the following points are important:

  • Effective communication between the school and the community
  • Parent participation in school programs


  • A welcoming tone within the school.

As a whole school we endeavour at all times to uphold our School Values which are:

  • ‘Open Communication’,
  • ‘Being Supportive’,
  • ‘Accepting Differences’,
  • ‘Being Empathetic’
  • ‘Being Valued’
  • ‘Having Fun’


  • ‘Showing Respect’.

which, when put altogether completes our school motto: T.E.A.M.

Together Everyone Achieves More

We are also very proud to say that Pearcedale Primary is a pilot school to become an accredited Professional Learning Community.

The very essence of a ‘Professional Learning Community’ is a focus on and a commitment to the

learning of each student. The core mission of a PLC is to ensure not simply that students are taught but to ensure they learn.

It is based on the belief that all students can learn. It means providing quality curriculum, researching

interventions for students who are not learning and seeking enrichment for students who need extending.

A Professional Learning Community is based on three Big Ideas.

These are…

· A focus on Student Learning

· A culture of Collaboration

· A focus on results.

All staff working within a Professional Learning Community work within a framework of four essential questions.

The process to become an accredited Professional Learning Community will take 3 to 4 years and involves ongoing  action research into how we can meet the learning needs of all our students ensuring they learn to their full capabilities and improve our whole school results.


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Simon Anderson