Children naturally love exploring their world,  solving problems and asking ’tricky’ questions .  Many children come to  our  school with in-depth knowledge of a Science topic that they  have a personal interest  or experience in.  Students are encouraged to share their expert knowledge with their classmates and topics are explored through  an inquiry based model that  starts with what the students  already know  and builds on their knowledge.

Students in each year level participate in a unit of work in each of the four areas of Science:

Term  1 Biological Science

Term  2 Physical Science

Term 3 Chemical Science

Term  4 Earth and Space

Specific skills are developed throughout the units and students are encouraged to represent their findings in a variety of ways. 
Further information about the Victorian Science Curriculum can be found through this link:


Everyone’s favourite area in our Science Room is our Science Table. Students are encouraged to bring contributions  to display and share on this table.  Wow we have had some interesting contributions!  Any contribution is welcome, something as simple as a seed pod or an old  phone is fascinating to  explore with a magnifying glass.

This year we are looking forward to moving into our brand new Science Room with its own garden to develop. We are also  planning to explore more STEM activities  in each year level and incorporate Ipads in our Year Five and Six Program.