Curriculum Overview


At Pearcedale Primary School our Learning and Teaching Programs are designed to encourage and promote a love of life-long learning.

AusVELS has replaced the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) as the basis for curriculum planning and development in Victorian schools and as such, it is our core resource in teaching the curriculum at Pearcedale Primary School.

AusVELS is a Foundation to Year 10 curriculum which incorporates the Australian Curriculum F-10 for English, Mathematics, History and Science with the curriculum framework first developed for the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). AusVELS uses an eleven level structure to reflect the design of the new Australian Curriculum whist retaining Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.

Our curriculum is designed with the aim to equip students with capacities to manage themselves and their relations with others, understand the world and effectively act in that world – to prepare them for success in education, work and life. We employ an integrated curriculum based on an inquiry approach, which reflects the belief that skills, values and understandings are best taught and assessed within meaningful and connected contexts.

AIP 2016 final Pearcedale


The English key learning area is organised into the areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing and Writing.

Spelling is included within the writing element.


Our Mathematics Program is based on the AusVELS document. It is divided into three major areas, Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Our program endeavours to provide a wide range of mathematical skills necessary for students to function effectively in the 21st Century. It is important that children establish the groundwork for not only knowing number skills, but also for transferring the knowledge into problem solving and reasoning situations.



AusVELS Science has three interrelated strands: Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills. Together, the three strands of the science curriculum provide students with understanding, knowledge and skills through which they can develop a scientific view of the world. Students are challenged to explore science, its concepts, nature and uses through clearly described inquiry processes. As of 2015, Science will be offered as a Specialist Subject.


This disciplined based learning area encourages children’s knowledge, understanding, reasoning and interpretation of economic issues, knowledge, understanding and geospatial skills, knowledge, understanding, reasoning and interpretation of historical events and realities.


In 2016, AUSLAN (sign language) will be offered to all students.


Pearcedale Primary School is dedicated to build upon its strong community relationships, positive student achievements and seeking out new knowledge to further support the thinking skills and creativity of its learning community. In partnership with our community, Pearcedale Primary School will continually strive to provide our students the means and motivation to excel and lead is into an exciting future.